Thursday, July 30, 2009

Catching Up on Thank You's

Remember way back when Woofstock was happening and Copernicus and I were raising money for a local animal shelter? Well, I didn't formally thank those of you who donated on our behalf so I'd like to do that now, albeit a little late.

Thank you!

We raised $130 for the Richmond Animal League which contributed to the over $9,000 that was raised that day so that animals can continue to receive love, get healthy and enjoy safe living conditions while the animals wait for their forever home.

One of the coolest things that day was a photographer came up to us and said, "May I please take a picture of you and your dog?"

Beaming, as any proud Miniature Schnauzer parent would be, I said, "Of course."

She took a few pictures then handed me her business card and told me that my photos would be up on her website by the end of the day. I was so elated! None of my friends were with me that day to take pictures of us do the Strut Your Mutt walk so having a photographer take our picture was so cool!

Zee, the photographer, has a pretty amazing website so please take a moment and go check it out. Don't you just love how she captured us that day? Thanks, Zee!

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Dan Felstead said...

Denise...glad you raised the was a great cause. Nice picture by the way!